Upcoming Seminars

Announcing a special Leonard Domino & Associates Government Relations Workshop

Join us on the morning of April 28 for our seminar, “Negotiation Strategies that will Boost the Effectiveness of your Government Relations Work.”

This is a very practical workshop focusing on methods and tactics that can help government relations practitioners make tangible progress towards their goals.

DATE:              Friday, April 28, 2017

TIME:              8:00 a.m. registration, with continental breakfast

PLACE:             Royal Canadian Yacht Club, City Clubhouse
141 St. George Street, between Bloor and Prince Arthur.
Just north of the St. George subway station, St. George exit.

WIND-UP:       The conference will end at around 11:45

LUNCH:            Complimentary lunch and informal “debriefing.”

We’re still confirming the program, but it will include presentations on such key issues as:

  • “Remembering the difference between Government Relations and Politics” (You’re in the government relations business, and politics is a very different game.)
  • “Finding Multiple Solutions to Problems” (If your first solution isn’t acceptable to the government, finding a second solution is better than failing.)
  •  “Understanding the government’s bottom line” (Knowing what government actually needs is your key to building win-win solutions.)

It will include sessions where you and other participants pick each other’s brains, comparing notes and learning from one another.

Anything you’d like to talk about?

We’ve sent out e-mails mentioning some of the most common concerns our clients have raised with us, such as:

– getting straight answers from government;

– keeping our own organizations usefully informed;

– getting our members involved in government relations; and

– even getting telephone calls returned!

If there are any other specific issues you’d like to see discussed at the workshop, please let us know by including them in the email when you enroll for the workshop.

Our seminar will be limited to 20 people, so there will be ample opportunity for questions, comments and suggestions.  Past seminars have been very enjoyable, involving lots of interactions.  We expect the same the morning of April 28.

We look forward to sharing ideas, and we hope to see you there.

Cost: $199 plus tax.

To register, please e-mail Sarah Domino at sarah@leonarddomino.com