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Leonard Domino & Associates “Synching your Strategies with the Government’s ‘Life-Cycle'” Government Relations Workshop”.

DATE:  Friday, September 23rd 2016  

PLACE:  The University Club of Toronto

START TIME:  Registration and continental breakfast at 8:00 a.m.

END TIME:  The seminar will be completed by 11:45 a.m.

FEE:  $199 +HST **

To register please email sarah@leonarddomino.com
The Leonard Domino approach to government relations stresses open and honest communications, cooperation rather than conflict, and on building long-lasting relationships with the people in government who will make or influence the decisions that affect your interests.
This requires close attention to the ways government change over time – as they go through their “life-cycle” – from the day they get elected to the day they have to begin their campaign for re-election. That’s the focus of our September 23rd Workshop.


The First Question: “How will the government (and the general political climate) have changed by this fall as the government enters the last year of its ‘life-cycle’?”
Governments are actually a little like people: aging changes both. Think about it. When the government was first elected, they were confident and wedded to their own agenda: successful government relations meant aligning your efforts with the government’s goals.
And right after the elections, the Opposition was risk adverse – ready to criticize but not to bring major proposals forward.
As we enter the last quarter of this government’s mandate, things have changed.


Doing “government relations as usual” at this stage in the government’s life cycle is probably a mistake.
Now, the government is risk adverse – worried it may lose the next election. They are trying to make quiet agreements rather than have confrontations. And Opposition members are increasingly seeing themselves as a “Government in Waiting” – ready to reach out and build relationships that could help them govern well.
So – at this stage in the government’s life cycle,  it’s a good time to push hard to cement any agreements you’ve already achieve, and it’s important to be alert for opportunities to build bridges to the opposition.


This fall, the Wynne Government will be entering the last year of the life-cycle, and we’ve developed this Workshop so government relations practitioners can work with us – and with each other – to make sure their strategies are in synch with the government’s changing reality.

The first question is where our discussions will begin – working for an understanding of the changing pressures and potentials of this stage in the life of the government. But the conversation will move on to the second question and some very concrete ideas.


The Second Question: “What are the right government relations priorities at this stage in the government’s life cycle?”

See the explanation above: anything close to resolution with the government now – it’s time for a full court press to get the agreements you have worked so hard for.  And of course, you keep working on your longer term issues – governments come and go, but your issues continue.

Except for things that are close to being resolved, this it time to begin the “long game” – building relationships that will still be around after the next election – with Ministers and government members, with Opposition members, and above all with the public servants who will be advising whomever is in the Ministers’ offices.


 If you’d like to talk about the workshop or any other aspect of your government relations work, we’re always happy to set down for an informal discussion. In the meantime, enjoy your summer, but do a little thinking about the way government and the political climate will have changed by fall.

DATE: Friday, September 23rd 2016

PLACE: The University Club of Toronto

START TIME: Registration and continental breakfast at 8:00 a.m.

END TIME: The seminar will be completed by 11:45 a.m.

FEE: $199 +HST **

To register please email sarah@leonarddomino.com




8:00 am           Continental Breakfast

8:45                   Leonard Domino:  The Government’s Life Cycle

9:00                   Group Discussion:

1:  How will the government (and the general political climate) have changed by this fall as the government enters the second half of it life cycle?

2:  What are the right government relations priorities at this stage in the government’s life cycle?

9:40                    Panel Discussion:


Michael Decaire MA, C.Psych., R.Psych., R.P. FLEX Psychology, CEO Clinical Director and President of the Ontario Association of Psychological Associates. 

Greg Toffner MHS, BSc and CEO of the Ontario Association of Medical Radiation Sciences

Sarah Domino Consultant, Leonard Domino and Associates

All three panelists are accomplished practitioners who have recently been successful in influencing government decisions. Each will describe a success story and answer questions.

10:15                  Refreshment break

10:30                  Speaker:

Douglas Tindal, Former Chief of Staff to the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing

Topic: Three things to remember when communicating with a Minister’s Office

11:15                   Group discussion:

1:  How best to build lasting relationships (i.e., that will survive the next election) with ministers and government members, oppositions members, and, above all, with the public servants who will be advising the ministers’ offices.

2:  What have you heard this morning that has stood out for you?

11:30                   Leonard Domino:

Two actions that all associations should undertake immediately

11:45                    Seminar ends


*If you would like to join Sarah and Leonard for lunch, please let Sarah know, and we will reserve a seat for you at our table.